Welcome at JMS-Praxis for Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Jaap Switters.

The JMS-Praxis is located in the beautiful “Nibelungenviertel”, close to the Stadthalle, in the 1150 district Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus.


Jaap Switters, M.AppSc Portrait

Jaap Switters, M.AppSc

As a born Dutchmen I started in 1999 my Physiotherapy training at the International Academy for Physiotherapy “Thim van der Laan” in Utrecht, The Netherlands. In 2003, I graduated as a Physiotherapist and moved to Switzerland. Over the next four years I lived and worked in Switzerland. In 2008 I fulfilled a lifelong dream and I got an opportunity to go to Australia studied  at the University of South Australia for the Master degree in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy.

Since 2009 I live in Vienna, Austria. Where I work as a therapist in my own practice. I am also a lecturer at the University of Applied Science: “Fachhochschule Campus Wien” and “Fachhochschule Südschweiz – SUPSI (Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana)” in Landquart, Switzerland.
In 2018 I completed my second Master degree in Osteopathy at the Health University of Applied Sciences Tyrol, Innsbruck, Austria.

I am fluent in Dutch, English and German.


95 Euros

first appointment 120 Euros and the following appointments 100 Euros


After each treatment the amount is paid in CASH.


An appointment can be made by email: info@jms-praxis or by telephone +43 676 973 44 42


If you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, or if you do not attend your appointment, you will be charged the full appointment fee.


Bring along

Referral (Verordnung) for Physiotherapy (10x Heilgymnastik á 45‘und 10x Heilmassage á 15‘) or Osteopathy from your general practitioner or specialist.

A referral must be authorized by your Health insurance. Please bring the authorized referral with you at the first appointment.

X-ray, MRI Scans, Operative Reports and/or other test results, comfortable clothes or sportswear, and a towel


At the end of each treatment you will be given a receipt. After the final session, you can hand your receipts, together with your referral from your general practitioner or specialist, to your health insurance company to get a part of the money returned.

The amount refunded is around 20-30%, depending on your health insurance policy.

If you have additional private-insurance options you will be reimbursed another part of the costs of treatment.

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